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  • A Lightweight Identification Protocol Based on Lattices
    Samed Düzlü, Juliane Krämer, Thomas Pöppelmann, and Patrick Struck
    PKC 2023


  • Patient Zero and Patient Six: Zero-Value and Correlation Attacks on CSIDH and SIKE
    Fabio Campos, Michael Meyer, Krijn Reijnders, and Marc Stöttinger
    SAC 2022
  • On Quantum Ciphertext Indistinguishability, Recoverability, and OAEP
    Juliane Krämer and Patrick Struck
    PQCrypto 2022
  • Sponge-based Authenticated Encryption: Security against Quantum Attackers
    Christian Janson and Patrick Struck
    PQCrypto 2022
  • On the Related-Key Attack Security of Authenticated Encryption Schemes
    Sebastian Faust, Juliane Krämer, Maximilian Orlt, and Patrick Struck
    SCN 2022
  • Application of Automorphic Forms to Lattice Problems
    Samed Düzlü and Juliane Krämer
    JMC 2022
  • Machine-Learning Side-Channel Attacks on the GALACTICS Constant-Time Implementation of BLISS
    Soundes Marzougui, Nils Wisiol, Patrick Gersch, Juliane Krämer, and Jean-Pierre Seifert
    ARES 2022
  • Recovering Rainbow's Secret Key with a First-Order Fault Attack
    Thomas Aulbach, Tobias Kovats, Juliane Krämer, and Soundes Marzougui
  • User Perceptions of Security and Privacy for Group Chat
    Sean Oesch, Ruba Abu-Salma, Oumar Diallo, Juliane Krämer, James Simmons, Justin Wu, and Scott Ruoti
    DTRAP 2022
  • Open or not open: Are conventional radio access networks more secure and trustworthy than Open-RAN?
    Felix Klement, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Vincent Ulitzsch, Juliane Krämer, Slawomir Stanczak, Zoran Utkovski, Igor Bjelakovic, and Gerhard Wunder
    White Paper - [online access on arXiv]


  • Safe-Error Attacks on SIKE and CSIDH
    Fabio Campos, Juliane Krämer, and Marcel Müller
    SPACE 2021

  • CTIDH: faster constant-time CSIDH
    Gustavo Banegas, Daniel Bernstein, Fabio Campos, Tung Chou, Tanja Lange, Michael Meyer, Benjamin Smith, and Jana Sotáková
    TCHES 2021

  • Quantum Indistinguishability for Public Key Encryption
    Tommaso Gagliardoni, Juliane Krämer, and Patrick Struck
    PQCrypto 2021

  • Verifying Post-Quantum Signatures in 8 kB of RAM
    Ruben Gonzalez, Andreas Hülsing, Matthias Kannwischer, Juliane Krämer, Tanja Lange, Marc Stöttinger, Elisabeth Waitz, Thom Wiggers, and Bo-Yin Yang
    PQCrypto 2021

  • BUFFing signature schemes beyond unforgeability and the case of post-quantum signatures
    Cas Cremers, Samed Düzlü, Rune Fiedler, Marc Fischlin, and Christian Janson
    S&P 2021


  • Security of Public Key Encryption against Resetting Attacks
    Juliane Krämer and Patrick Struck
    INDOCRYPT 2020

  • Classical McEliece Implementation with Low Memory Footprint
    Johannes Roth, Evangelos Karatsiolis, and Juliane Krämer
    CARDIS 2020

  • Post-Quantum Secure Two-Party Computation for Iris Biometric Template Protection
    Pia Bauspieß, Jascha Kolberg, Daniel Demmler, Juliane Krämer, and Christoph Busch
    WIFS 2020

  • Deterministic Wallets in a Quantum World
    Nabeil Alkeilani Alkadri, Poulami Das, Andreas Erwig, Sebastian Faust, Juliane Krämer, Siavash Riahi, and Patrick Struck
    CCS 2020

  • Understanding User Perceptions of Security and Privacy for Group Chat: A Survey of Users in the US and UK
    Sean Oesch, Ruba Abu-Salma, Oumar Diallo, Juliane Krämer, James Simmons, Justin Wu, and Scott Ruoti
    ACSAC 2020

  • Secure Two-Party Computation in a Post-Quantum World
    Niklas Büscher, Daniel Demmler, Nikolaos Karvelas, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Juliane Krämer, Deevashwer Rathee, Thomas Schneider, and Patrick Struck
    ACNS 2020

  • The Lattice-Based Digital Signature Scheme qTESLA
    Erdem Alkim, Paulo Barreto, Nina Bindel, Juliane Krämer, Patrick Longa, and Jefferson Ricardini
    ACNS 2020

  • Leakage-Resilient Authenticated Encryption from Leakage-Resilient Pseudorandom Functions
    Juliane Krämer and Patrick Struck
    COSADE 2020

  • Encryption Schemes using Random Oracles: from Classical to Post-Quantum Security
    Juliane Krämer and Patrick Struck
    PQCrypto 2020


  • Sponges Resist Leakage: The Case of Authenticated Encryption
    Jean Paul Degabriele, Christian Janson, and Patrick Struck
    ASIACRYPT 2019

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography and its Application to the IoT – (Extended Abstract)
    Juliane Krämer
    Informatik Spektrum 2019

  • p3Enum: A New Parameterizable and Shared-Memory Parallelized Shortest Vector Problem Solver
    Michael Burger, Christian Bischof, and Juliane Krämer
    ICCS 2019

  • A new Parallelization for p3Enum and Parallelized Generation of Optimized Pruning Functions
    Michael Burger, Christian Bischof, and Juliane Krämer
    HPCS 2019

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography in Embedded Systems
    Soundes Marzougui and Juliane Krämer
    IWSMA 2019

  • Fault attacks on UOV and Rainbow
    Juliane Krämer and Miriam Loiero
    COSADE 2019


  • Differential Power Analysis of XMSS and SPHINCS
    Matthias Kannwischer, Aymeric Genêt, Denis Butin, Juliane Krämer, and Johannes Buchmann
    COSADE 2018

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